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I am Štetan


I am a dedicated software developer with expertise in technologies such as Node.js and React. My background in statistics has equipped me with a deep understanding of data analysis and the use of the statistical programming language, R, for tasks like logistic regression and other complex analyses. Currently, I am on a journey to expand my skill set by transitioning to Python, further enhancing my capabilities in the ever-evolving world of software development and data analysis. My passion for technology and my commitment to continuous learning drive my quest for excellence in my field. In my past, I have gained valuable experience in marketing and basic frontend development. I have worked extensively with WordPress and utilized graphics programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Figma to enhance my skills in web design and user interface development.


  • R
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Linux


MADE by Vaculik

Graphic Designer

July - August 2017

My role involved utilizing various digital tools and techniques to create designs that aligned with the client’s brand guidelines and objectives..


Frontend Designer

March - August 2018

I was tasked with designing the brand identity and developing the front-end of their website. Through this experience, I acquired a wealth of expertise in branding, graphic design, and front-end development.

Commerzbank A.G

IT/IS Administrator


I worked as an IT infrastructure support specialist, where I provided technical assistance and resolved issues related to the bank’s IT systems, allowing for a smooth and efficient operation of the bank’s operations.

Commerzbank A.G

Engineer spec ops

2021 - 2022

As a software operator utilizing IBM Websphere, I was responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of various software systems by closely monitoring their performance and promptly addressing any technical issues.

Commerzbank A.G

Software engineer

2023 - still

I am an integral part of the AI Foundation team at Commerzbank. Our primary responsibility is to design and integrate AI tools into the company, enhancing decision-making and optimizing processes.


Soukromá strední škola výpočetní techniky

High School


I studied at „Soukromá strední škola výpočetní techniky,“ where I gained knowledge and skills in various areas of computing, such as programming, database management, and networking

Unicorn University

Bachelor Degree in Software Development


Upon graduating from Unicorn University, I received a degree in Mathematics and Software Engineering with a focus on Node.js and React, equipping me with a strong foundation in both theoretical and practical aspects of software development

Unicorn University

Master Degree in Software Engineering and Big Data

2024 - still

Learning on UU, using both R and Python programming languages, to become proficient in statistical methods, data visualization, and effective interpretation. Additionally, I'm exploring artificial intelligence, including machine learning and deep learning, to enhance my ability to process big data and improve data-driven decision-making.

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